Crazy Thursday

Thursday night the 14th was a crazy night for six hundred kids and family members. Our school did a dance performance most of our school contributed to entertaining the whole school and parents, our performance was to the music, Despacito and the Macarena.




. My favourite was the teachers performance.

Science expo

What: an avalanche is a large amount of snow that quickly moves down a slope at a fast speed, they are deadly because it will sweep away anything in its path or way.

Why: avalanches happen because snow falls heavily down, it makes it unstable for the ice underneath.

People: avalanches kill 150 people per year .

What to do in a avalanche: if you’re climbing with someone yell and warn your partner, if you’re stuck take of all of you’re equipment but mainly try to get out of the slab. Here are some pictures of avalanches. 

Something amazing happened today, something that is so epic that I could explode.

It all started with me watching and listening to Mr Goodyear’s son (Matt), he taught us how to aim and hand ball a football. After a hip-hop workout too Humble bye Kendrik Imar, we went to the gym to receive a goodbye. We all got a well done certificate, but the most exciting thing was that me and milly got cool awards like down balls and basketball tickets witch i think is pretty amazing having basket ball tickets.

We also did a lot of other sports like ultimate frisbee, lacrosse,baseball (which I didn’t do very well on) hip hop and teamwork. My favourites were hip hop and surprisingly baseball.

Cant’ wait for next year.


Private school argue

Girls should be able to run around without a problem of tripping over their  skirts or dresses I think private schools shouldn’t have this horrible rule about girls having to wear itchy skirts and dresses.

It is a fact that girls at private with this rule Are getting less and less active    everyone can help by letting girls have after school Activities like soccer swimming tennis this will help them to stay fit.

Your principal wants to tell you that bullying is not ok well they can’t talk because they are making girls at private schools wear dresses which sometimes leads to getting bullied. I want to stop bullying and this rule because it is a disgrace they let boys wear what they like pants and shorts but not girls this idea is gross to girls and unfair no one wants their child to go to a school  where the principal is letting bullies bully girls

So I hope you agree with me to get rid of this ridiculous rule.



Helen Radnedge’s vist

Helen Radnedge’s

Have you seen the amazing wedged tail eagles flying over Gisborne?
Well I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near them they’re predators
Well that’s what Helen Radnedge’s told me. She is councillor
I sure I can trust here she has all the info on the south ward
After all she has a say in most of it.
She comes and visits us ( ngps grade fours ) and tells us some
Information on the council
And what the have found out like

The Tasmanian devil was first in the Victoria and Tasmania
there was a rare plant that they found in a nature reserve
She was a gardener before she came to be a councillor
She has three kids; there are two boys one is thirty one is twenty seven and the girl is twenty four


Helen became a councillor on October 2016 so she is still starting she still gets a bit nervous in front a lot of people but in small council meetings with nine people she has made friends with most of them and a say but she is still aloud
To disagree.


Helen doesn’t get to meet her family as much because she has to go to meetings.
She gets a say in a lot of things except your probably thinking the roundabouts – the roundabouts were planned before cr. Helen was a councillor. There are a odd number of councillors so if four disagree then there is always a winning team of five. There are only south east west because if there were four
Then that means there is twelve people and if there
Are twelve that’s even and it would mix up
The argument because there could be six that
And six that agree is then it cant be
The gumtree are having trouble growing because there is a over population of lurps , which are a type if bug
Because of the bird that eats them are losing their habitat and are losing their numbers.


Now i know that Helen doesn’t  have a boring job its more exciting then fighting a dragon

Going to the Olympics well not really but I have learnt about gisborne and about the work with the councillors

Now I also now that to help  any  dead animals on the road or near the road there is a number that you can just in case there is a baby animal.





we did a lesson on haiku

Hair cut

Hair cut Short and long

Hair dyed red blue and green

Curls here straight over there

My friend

golden locks all around

My best friend is my brother

Banana lover

The magic flute opera

On Wednesday  the foundation to grade sixes went to go see the Magic Flute. The opera singers were amazing when queen of nights started to sing the opera with the very high notes I was amazed.

Opera is a story told through music and most of the time acting. Here is the brochure they  gave us

The characters were in the open brochure.